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Water Ski Shows – Mpls.St.Paul Magazine Summer Feature

by Lindsay Susla on June 6, 2016, no comments

Photo courtesy of River Rats

Ever noticed a human pyramid whizzing down the Mississippi? That’s the nationally ranked Twin Cities River Rats. To get to the bottom of what they’re all about, we talked to someone at the top: Keelie Plessner, a 13-year-old sometimes-pyramid-topper.

On why she joined . . .

My dad saw the River Rats at a parade, thought it looked fun, and [took us to a show]. I was like, “Oh, that looks so cool, I want to do that,” and I kept talking about it. So for my ninth birthday, I got to be signed up.

On how to mount a pyramid . . .

The girls who make up the upper pyramid tiers sit on the first-tier guys’ shoulders, and we do a dock start. As the fourth tier, I’ll stand up on the guys’ shoulders, then climb up so I’m sitting on the second-tier girls’ shoulders. I’ll wait for the third tier to stand up on the second tier’s shoulders, and then climb up on theirs.

On it being a family affair . . .

My dad joined the same year as me, because he didn’t want to be sitting on the shore the whole year. My brother (11) is in his third year.

Shows Thursdays (1758 West River Rd. N., Mpls.) and during the Aquatennial (July 20–23)

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