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Spring Reads – Mpls.St.Paul Magazine

by Lindsay Susla on March 31, 2017, no comments

New releases from local voices to keep you busy during the thaw.

Complicated Fun By Cyn Collins 

When the Minneapolis indie rock scene was born in the late ’70s, it started with small venues, small crowds, and huge passion. Via insights from scenesters and members of bands like Hüsker Dü and the Suicide Commandos, author Cyn Collins (also a radio host at KFAI) tells the story of the birth of the scene.

Once in a Blue Moon Lodge By Lorna Landvik

April. $25.95

Lorna Landvik goes back to the well of Patty Jane’s House of Curl to follow Patty Jane’s daughter, Nora, as she journeys across Minnesota and travels with her grandma to their native Norway. Spurred by a mysterious letter and curiosity about her family’s past, she learns that what seems like a dead end can actually be a fresh start.

Tula By Chris Santiago

Growing up in Bloomington, Chris Santiago heard the native languages of his parents’ Philippines, but never learned to speak them himself. Tula, (Filipino for poem) examines culture and language from a perspective that is both intimately familiar and uncomfortably estranged.

I’d Die For You And Other Lost Stories By F. Scott Fitzgerald

The final collection of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s work so-far unpublished, what holds I’d Die For You together is that each “lost” story was misunderstood in its time. And, since Fitzgerald wouldn’t compromise on edits that could dilute his message, the stories (which span his career) were either shelved or lost.

Flying Funny: My Life Without a Net By Dudley Riggs

Flying without a safety net seems to be the theme that ties Dudley Riggs’s life together—whether that’s while flipping in a trapeze show or running without a script in improv comedy. The founder of Brave New Workshop (now the longest-running improv theater in the country) recalls his life growing up in the circus and helping create a new era of American entertainment.

Books courtesy of Minnesota Historical Society Press (Complicated Fun); University of Minnesota Press (Once in a Blue Moon Lodge and Flying Funny); Milkweed Editions (Tula); Simon and Schuster (I’d Die For You And Other Lost Stories)

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