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What’s Your Holiday Pie Personality? Quiz –

by Lindsay Susla on September 22, 2015, no comments

Wrote “What’s Your Holiday Pie Personality?” quiz for and Better Homes and Gardens‘ 100 Days of Holidays newsletter program. Designed images for social promotion and built quiz using Quizler program. 7k shares from site as of Oct 2016. All intellectual properties used with permission. © Copyright Meredith Corporation

Christmas Ideas Cover Story

by Lindsay Susla on September 13, 2015, no comments

While working as Assistant Editor for Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Media, I helped to produce the cover story for Christmas Ideas magazine. I designed and made ornaments and the mantel decor, decorated the tree, and assisted on the photo shoot. I wrote how-to instructions, and directed the shoot for how-to photos. All intellectual properties […]

Urban Plains Magazine – Feature Layouts

by Lindsay Susla on March 9, 2014, no comments

A few examples of feature stories designed for Urban Plains Magazine in fall 2013. I collaborated with the Editor in Chief to select and edit images, issue colors, and design branding materials. Using Mag+, I programmed interactivity, assembled issues, and pushed each tablet issue to the app store.

Invitations Project

by Lindsay Susla on March 1, 2014, no comments

Invitation assignment meant to demonstrate hierarchy in design. Photo taken from the event the invitation was made for, an exhibit at the Walker Art Center by Jim Hodges, running February 15, 2014 – May 11, 2014.

Minneapolis Underground

by Lindsay Susla on January 20, 2014, no comments

Minneapolis Underground: A look into the Minnesota Hip Hop scene In a parking lot in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood of Minneapolis, rapper P.O.S. stands on a stage and asks a crowd of people to circle up and join hands. After a little hesitation, they comply, standing shoulder-to-shoulder, palm locked in palm. Next, P.O.S. directs everyone to […]

Aesop’s Fable Design

by Lindsay Susla on April 10, 2012, no comments

Visual interpretation of Aesop’s fable The Crow and the Pitcher.  Made in Adobe Illustrator in the fall of 2011.