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Downfall of the Apostrophe

by Lindsay Susla on December 15, 2012, no comments

published on Being a journalism student, I may be slightly more in tune with writing rules, but I am pretty accepting about grammar mistakes.  Misspellings, passive voice, there/they’re/their confusions… I can usually understand.  But there is one constant mistake I cannot tolerate, and it is a growing problem.  Apostrophe abuse seems to be everywhere, […]

Students of Politics – Drake Magazine Article

by Lindsay Susla on May 22, 2012, no comments

Students of politics May 12, 2012   Published on Few people get to know political candidates in the way that sophomore Eric Baker has. “Rick Perry gave me a noogie, I helped Mrs. Huntsman write a tweet, and Mrs. Perry gave me some gum,” says Baker. Working as an intern for the Iowa Republicans, Baker […]

Blockbuster No More – DrakeMag Article

by Lindsay Susla on February 15, 2012, no comments

Why I miss movie stores Try to remember those ancient buildings called movie rental stores—the good ol’ days. There was no standing outside in the freezing cold while selecting a DVD. No Internet streaming issues.  No choosing between a few crappy movies you don’t really want to see. No, I do not want to watch […]