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Spring Reads – Mpls.St.Paul Magazine

by Lindsay Susla on March 31, 2017, no comments

New releases from local voices to keep you busy during the thaw. Complicated Fun By Cyn Collins  May. $19.95 When the Minneapolis indie rock scene was born in the late ’70s, it started with small venues, small crowds, and huge passion. Via insights from scenesters and members of bands like Hüsker Dü and the Suicide Commandos, author […]

Twin Cities Holiday Shows from A to Z –

by Lindsay Susla on November 17, 2016, no comments

Whether you’re more about the here-we-go-a-wassailing side of the holidays, or like a bit of comedy (and knife-throwing) in the mix, there’s a show in the Twin Cities just for you. Our handy a-to-z guide makes finding seasonal fun all the merrier. A is for A Christmas Carol at the Guthrie. Bah humbug! The biggest Twin Cities […]

Five(ish) Questions With Gwen Jorgensen –

by Lindsay Susla on October 8, 2016, no comments

We sat down with the gold medal winner to discuss training for the Olympics, Punch Pizza, and why St. Paul is still home base. In the venn diagram of tax accounting and Olympic triathlon, there may only be one overlap—St. Paul resident Gwen Jorgensen. She was the surprise guest speaker for Ernst and Young Employees as a […]

Do The Ryder Cup (Without Actually Having Tickets) –

by Lindsay Susla on September 16, 2016, no comments

The 2016 Ryder Cup will be hosted by Hazeltine National Golf Club at the end of the month. And while tickets to what is easily the biggest golf event ever played in Minnesota have been next to impossible to attain and very expensive, that doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the action. Here’s how. Go to Hazeltine to buy […]

What’s Your Holiday Pie Personality? Quiz –

by Lindsay Susla on September 22, 2015, no comments

Wrote “What’s Your Holiday Pie Personality?” quiz for and Better Homes and Gardens‘ 100 Days of Holidays newsletter program. Designed images for social promotion and built quiz using Quizler program. 7k shares from site as of Oct 2016. All intellectual properties used with permission. © Copyright Meredith Corporation