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Christmas Ideas Cover Story

by Lindsay Susla on September 13, 2015, no comments

While working as Assistant Editor for Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Media, I helped to produce the cover story for Christmas Ideas magazine. I designed and made ornaments and the mantel decor, decorated the tree, and assisted on the photo shoot. I wrote how-to instructions, and directed the shoot for how-to photos. All intellectual properties […]

Minneapolis Underground

by Lindsay Susla on January 20, 2014, no comments

Minneapolis Underground: A look into the Minnesota Hip Hop scene In a parking lot in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood of Minneapolis, rapper P.O.S. stands on a stage and asks a crowd of people to circle up and join hands. After a little hesitation, they comply, standing shoulder-to-shoulder, palm locked in palm. Next, P.O.S. directs everyone to […]

Downfall of the Apostrophe

by Lindsay Susla on December 15, 2012, no comments

published on Being a journalism student, I may be slightly more in tune with writing rules, but I am pretty accepting about grammar mistakes.  Misspellings, passive voice, there/they’re/their confusions… I can usually understand.  But there is one constant mistake I cannot tolerate, and it is a growing problem.  Apostrophe abuse seems to be everywhere, […]