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A Backyard Arcade – Savvy Kids August 2012

by Lindsay Susla on August 23, 2012, no comments

Typically, pickup trucks pulling trailers don’t cause excitement among a group of children. Unless, of course, that trailer is big enough for 24 kids to walk, dance and play video games in. Gamin’ Ride, a mobile interactive entertainment center, is available for birthday, block and company parties or any other occasion you can dream up. […]

Kids get the royal treatment –

by Lindsay Susla on July 17, 2012, no comments

Royal Family Kid Camps provide children the opportunity to experience typical summer camp activities, such as nature hikes, fishing and swimming. What makes these camps unique is that they may be one of the few opportunities that their attendees have to experience something typical. This Christian-based international organization hosts camps for foster children, ages 6 […]

Students of Politics – Drake Magazine Article

by Lindsay Susla on May 22, 2012, no comments

Students of politics May 12, 2012   Published on Few people get to know political candidates in the way that sophomore Eric Baker has. “Rick Perry gave me a noogie, I helped Mrs. Huntsman write a tweet, and Mrs. Perry gave me some gum,” says Baker. Working as an intern for the Iowa Republicans, Baker […]